Main Priority Area

Dual Career of Elite Athletes


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24 Months

Life After Sports: Athletes as Investors, Mentors and Entrepreneurs


SPRINGBOARD project focuses on the development and implementation of training program that will support the career transition of elite athletes, especially after the sports life, to be successful investors, business mentors and entrepreneurs on innovation-oriented entrepreneurship.

Creating an own business in the sports sector started to become popular among athletes in the recent years. Many athletes have started to work with start-ups, especially in the USA. Gone are the days when an athlete gave his/her name to a cafe, restaurant or car dealer. Today’s savvy athletes started to seek answers that how to use their brands, expertise, money, and networks to mentor, invest in, and work for exciting new ventures in the sports innovation and technology industry.

Further, sports technology innovators started to see athletes as valuable partners to seek out as they grow their startups.

  • So, are elite athletes ready to perform this career transition?
  • Do they have the necessary knowledge, skills and competence to become successful investors, mentors or entrepreneurs?
  • Do they have educational resources to develop these skills and competencies?
  • How can they effectively use their personal brand values, experiences, money and networks in the entrepreneurship sector?


The special aim of the SPRINGBOARD project is to

  • facilitate the transition of elite athletes to the entrepreneurship ecosystem and
  • increase their employability, including self-employment through development and implementation of a Massive Online Open Course – MOOC (with three training modules on ”Athletes as Investors”, ”Athletes as Business Mentors”, ”Athletes as Entrepreneurs”.

Project results:

R1: Training Curriculum on Innovation Oriented Entrepreneurship Based on Blended Learning Approach

R2: Massive Online Open Course (MOOC); ”Athletes as Investors”, ”Athletes as Business Mentors”, ”Athletes as Entrepreneurs (in winter sports vertical)

R3: Impact Assessment Report



Igloo Innovation


Collective Innovation


Catholic University of Murcia


Loughborough University


SG Sports Accelerator


Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee


Swedish Olympic Committee