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Dual Career of Elite Athletes


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Dual Career of Student-Athletes with Disabilities as a Tool for Social Inclusion


Across the European Union, around 80 million people with disabilities face various social and physical barriers that impede their chances of developing a professional sports career or attaining a university education.

Despite recent advances in the promotion and participation of athletes with disabilities in high-level sports such as the Paralympics, opportunities to simultaneously pursue a sports career and a university education remain limited. The lack of support and resources necessary to balance both these commitments often creates an unfair choice for these individuals: to pursue either a sports career or a university education.

The Para-Limits project is initiated to address this pressing issue, leveraging the power of sport and education to foster social inclusion and equal opportunities for athletes with disabilities across the EU.


The special aims of the Para-Limits project are:

  • to strengthen the social inclusion of people with disabilities in the EU by creating opportunities for them to simultaneously pursue a sports career and a university education.
  • to break down existing barriers faced by student-athletes with disabilities in balancing their university education and sports career.
  • to establish support networks that aid athletes with disabilities in managing dual careers effectively, promoting their overall well-being and career progression.
  • to equip athletes with disabilities with the necessary tools and skills to transition into the labour market successfully, leveraging their experiences from sports and university education.

Project results:

R1: Documentary research activities

R2: Field research activities

R3: Development of an innovative course curriculum

R4: Implementation of the innovative course curriculum

R5: European Handbook “Para-Limits, Dual Career, Disability and Sport”

R6: Observatory on Dual Career, Disability and Sport



Collective Innovation


Catholic University of Murcia (Coordinator)

spanish paralympic committee


Spanish Paralympic Committee


ONCE Foundation


National Physical Education and Sport University


European Athlete as Student


University of Limerick


Polytechnic Institute of Viseu