Health Tech Study Visits

Health Tech Study Visits

Day 1: 🎉 This week is Oslo Innovation Week, and it will be a strom of information and insights for us! In collaboration with the Transilvania IT Cluster, we are delighted to host 21 Romanian experts specialising in health technologies and innovation. 🇷🇴💡

We had the pleasure of listening to Håvard K. Bjor, the founder of Norwegian Sport Tech, today at our new location in Torshov. Our guests learned about the Norwegian Sport Tech Ecosystem, preventive health, and valuable good practices. 🇳🇴

Let us continue to innovate and share knowledge in sports and health technology for a healthier and more sustainable future! 🌿💪

Day 2: 🚀 Exploring Health Tech Innovation: A Day of Insight with Aleap and Oslo University Hospital the Institute of Cancer Research

Second day, our Collective Innovation team, along with our Transilvania IT Cluster and their members, had the privilege of exploring deep into the fields of health tech and innovation in Oslo.

🌟 Morning Session: A Leap into Startups with Aleap
Our day began at Forskningsparken - Oslo Science Park with a visit to Aleap, the Nordics' largest incubator for health startups. Aleap is an example of growth with a mission to propel ambitious entrepreneurs, providing excellent competency, network, and funding through their unique model. Thank you so much to Shane West, the Head of Incubator, for hosting us and sharing invaluable insights into the development of health tech startups!

🔬 Exploring Cancer Research Insights in the Afternoon
We continued the visit at the Oslo University Hospital, where we visited the renowned Institute of Cancer Research. Since its inception in 1954, the institute has been a cornerstone in cancer research, making significant contributions both nationally and internationally. We were honoured to be hosted by Professor Kjetil Tasken, the Institute's Head, who made an impressive presentation, providing a closer look at the ICR's significant works and projects.

Thank you to all the passionate experts and professionals who joined us today. Here’s to more collective innovation and progress!

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