Exploring Youth & Career Services

Exploring Youth & Career Services

🌟 Exploring Youth & Career Services in Oslo

We had the honor of hosting 11 distinguished guests from Slovenia, who represented key local entities led by the Regionalna razvojna agencija Posavje RRA Posavje.

This two-day study visit, part of the Career Center Posavje project financed by EEA and Norway Grants, was a fantastic opportunity to exchange knowledge on career services and youth initiatives in Oslo.

🔍 Day 1 Highlights:

Our day began with an informative session at NAV Vestre Aker, gaining insights into the invaluable career services they provide.

Then we went to AS3Norge, a major private sector player in the fields of career consulting, leadership, and organisational development. We had a great discussion with managing director Einar Wergeland-Jenssen and Kari Haug about the career services they provide to companies and their staff, as well as the Norwegian National Quality Framework for Career Guidance. Thank you so much to Einar and Kari for making us feel so welcome and for hosting us.

JOBB X, an impactful youth initiative and a department of the Antirasistisk Senter, we witnessed the remarkable work being done to guide young individuals on their career paths since 2004. Many thanks to Shadi Ghanfili

We finished the first day with a visit to Karriere Oslo, where we learned about career guidance and national standards for career guidance from two successful professionals. Thank you so much to Marita Haughem Pettersen and Mark Christopher Gaughan for being such gracious hosts.

These visits were enlightening, showcasing the dedication and impact of various organisations in shaping the careers of youth. We are excited about the potential collaborations and shared learning that this visit has sparked.

Here’s to building bridges, fostering international cooperation, and empowering the youth for a brighter future! 🌍🤝

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