Empowering Women in Sports

Empowering Women in Sports

Empowering Women in Sports: A Collaborative Effort in the WomenUP Project

We are happy to take part in the WomenUP Project, a collaborative initiative aimed at promoting inclusion and equal opportunities in sports for women across Europe.

Recently, European researchers from various countries involved in the project convened online to discuss and analyse the findings gathered from focus groups with stakeholders. These insights have provided valuable input in identifying common challenges and potential solutions to foster gender equality in sports.

The research results will soon be published, highlighting common European results and recommendations on how to improve inclusion and equal opportunities in sports. These findings will not only guide our efforts at WomenUP but also serve as a valuable resource for policymakers, sports organisations, and other stakeholders working towards gender equality in sports.

We look forward to sharing these results and continuing our work towards a more inclusive and equal sporting landscape for women across Europe. Stay tuned for updates and follow our progress with WomenUP.