Bolster Youth Soft Skills through Sport

Bolster Youth Soft Skills through Sport

Collective Innovation Collaborates on the "Active Development" Project to Bolster Youth Soft Skills through Sport

The end of March witnessed a flurry of activities, and at the heart of it was a significant international collaboration between our partner, My Future, the Portuguese company EduPlus, and us, Collective Innovation.

About the Active Development Project

The core objective of the "ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT" project is twofold:

  1. Elevate the understanding and appreciation of soft skills among the youth.

  2. Foster the development of these crucial skills through active movement and sports.

To make this mission a reality, dedicated youth leaders from My Future, along with partner organisations, have masterminded 20 interactive games. These games, meticulously crafted, will be integral to future activities and will also be shared with schools and youth organisations, amplifying their reach and impact.

The International Meeting

During the international meet, there was a comprehensive review of pilot projects and meticulous finalisation of the game content. But what stood out was the fervor and enthusiasm poured into recording tutorials for these games.

Coordinated brilliantly by My Future’s volunteers, the recording process was a masterclass in project and time management, communication, teamwork, and several other competencies. Embodying the spirit of #learningbydoing, these efforts equipped volunteers with skills that promise to be invaluable in their future educational and career endeavors.

Additionally, in a commendable move, "actors" from two local schools—the Public Elementary School in Jedlnia-Letnisko and the Public Elementary School in Myśliszewice—participated. Twelve students, namely Nadia Szczygielska, Natalia Kuna, Natalia Miernik, and others, dedicated two full days for the recordings at the DESKUR House in Radom.

These video tutorials will soon be accessible in four languages: Polish, English, Portuguese, and Norwegian.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who played a pivotal role in this project.

The captivating photos from the event were clicked by the talented Beroo Alfi.

We're proud to be a part of such an impactful initiative and look forward to witnessing the ripple effect of this project in nurturing future leaders.

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