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Digital Skills for Adults


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Developing digital skills of adult coaches and instructors in the field of sports tech and turning them into digital leaders


In the ever-evolving digital age, the ability to adapt, innovate, and utilize digital tools effectively is paramount across various industries, including the realm of sports. Recognizing this, DigiLead was born out of a profound understanding of the importance of digital literacy, particularly for those in the sports sector.

DigiLead fosters a future where sports and technology coalesce harmoniously, enhancing not just performance but also growth and success within the sector. By promoting digital transformation and enhancing digital skills for adults, DigiLead aims to embolden individuals to confidently navigate the digital landscape and embrace innovation.

At its core, the project is devoted to upskilling adult sports coaches and instructors, thereby fostering diversity and inclusion within the industry. It operates on the belief that for the sports industry to remain relevant and competitive, the individuals driving it forward must possess a solid understanding of, and competence in, digital technology.

To ensure a broad and impactful reach, DigiLead targets a diverse set of beneficiaries. Its primary target is the adult sports coaches and instructors who will directly benefit from improving their digital literacy, competencies, and skills in sports coaching. However, it also caters to a wider audience including sports professionals and managers, such as sports team coaches, fitness center managers, life coaches, sports administrators, gym instructors, and wellness directors. The knowledge and skills these individuals gain in digital technologies and their applications in sports will significantly elevate their capability in their respective roles.

Furthermore, DigiLead provides valuable insights to sports tech companies. By understanding the needs and requirements of sports coaches and instructors, these companies can refine their product offerings and serve the sports industry more efficiently and effectively.


The objectives of the DigiLead project:

  • To Improve Learning Opportunities: DigiLead aims to enhance the availability of high-quality, flexible learning opportunities for adult sports coaches and instructors, providing them with access to resources that enable them to expand their skills and competencies.

  • To Promote Lifelong Learning: The project seeks to advocate for lifelong learning and upskilling pathways, particularly for low-skilled adults in sports coaching, emphasizing the importance of continual education and development in the sports industry.

  • To Enhance Accessibility: DigiLead is determined to enhance accessibility to educational resources and overcome geographic barriers through an online eLearning platform, enabling learners worldwide to benefit from its initiative.

  • To Foster Skill Development: The project aims to foster the development of new skills in adult sports coaches and instructors using online methods, ensuring they remain up-to-date and relevant in the increasingly digital sports industry.

  • To Strengthen Digital Proficiency: DigiLead strives to fortify the digital proficiency and analytical skills of adult sports coaches and instructors, supporting them in becoming more adept at using digital tools and technologies.

  • To Boost Employment Opportunities: The project seeks to increase the preferability of adult sports coaches and instructors as sports employees by bolstering the development of digital literacy, making them more competitive in the job market.

  • To Develop Sports Tech Training Modules: DigiLead plans to create a web-based training module focused on sports tech for adult coaches, providing them with targeted knowledge and skills to better utilize sports technologies.

  • To Incorporate Eco-Friendly Practices: Lastly, DigiLead is committed to incorporating eco-friendly practices and sustainability measures throughout the project implementation, ensuring that its operations are as environmentally responsible as they are impactful.

Project results:

R1: E-guide

R2: E-Learning Platform



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