Exciting Developments at the COMPATH Project!

At the recent transnational meeting of the COMPATH project, our shared vision for a digital sports innovation hub gained momentum! As the project continues to take shape, here are a few key takeaways from the meeting that have piqued our team’s interest.

The partners in charge of WP2 made significant progress in defining the structure of the survey. All countries reached a consensus on the number of participants for the questionnaire and expert interviews, ensuring the collection of exhaustive data.

PESG, NYSA, and Loughborough University have shared plans to conduct focus group sessions in their respective nations, with Loughborough University taking the lead.

Professor Laura Capranica, a renowned person in the field, emphasised the significance of obtaining ethics committee approval for the project and offered to follow the application procedure.

In order to reach a diverse audience, the questionnaire will be translated into each country’s native tongue. These will be uploaded by Collective Innovation, with a predetermined completion deadline for participants.

The co-leader of WP4, NYSA & COLLECTIVE INNOVATION, made a presentation that gave a peek at the community-building activities and pilot programmes to be implemented.

Professor Laura Capranica also discussed upcoming conferences and other pertinent events, emphasising the significance of disseminating the project’s findings. Additionally, she presented the EAS café, a virtual gathering that promises discussions.

The International Projects Office of the Catholic University of Murcia collaborated with the project manager to facilitate on the project’s financial and reporting nuances.

Partners shared their experiences at the conclusion of the meeting, providing insights and feedback that will undoubtedly enhance the project’s trajectory.

The next online meeting is scheduled for September 18 at 14:00 CET. In addition, the NYSA will prepare for a February meeting in Sweden during the second week of the month.

Stay tuned to Collective Innovation for additional updates as we continue to reshape the landscape of digital sport innovation!

– Collective Innovation, Project Lab


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