An Important Tool for Rural Development: Innovative Career Centre for Young People

A career centre, also known as a career development centre, is a resource centre that provides support and assistance to individuals as they navigate their career paths. Career centres can be found in schools, universities, and community centres, and they typically offer an array of services and resources to help individuals explore career options, develop […]

Norway-Slovenia Cooperation on Young People’s Careers

Led by the Posavje Regional Development Agency, our EEA Grants project, which aims to support the careers of rural youth, has been launched. The Career Centre Posavje, planned to be developed within the project, will be an innovative support environment for youth in the rural region of Posavje in Slovenia. It is designed to improve […]

Active Development Project: Collaboration and Progress in Action

We’re excited to announce the latest updates on our Active Development project! Recently, we held a productive meeting with representatives from My Future (Poland) and EduPlus (Portugal) to discuss ways to improve the project’s playing cards, plan for upcoming local pilots, and enhance the visual elements. But it wasn’t all work and no play – […]